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Newfound Sound Looks Forward To Meeting You!

You are welcome to visit one of our rehearsals!  Here are a few helpful things you should know:
  • You don’t need to read music or have experience singing in a group. You just have to be able to sing in tune and find your note. It takes time to get used to so don’t feel stressed. Just have fun!
  • We sing a cappella in four part harmony. That means there is no instrument to accompany us. We use a pitch pipe to get things started and our voices fill in all that beautiful harmony!
  • We provide guests with music during rehearsals. These are legal copies that Newfound Sound has purchased and will need to be returned at the end of rehearsal. If you decide to join our chorus, you will receive your own music and learning tracks.
  • Our audition process is simple and private. The first step is a pitch test one-on-one with the director to determine your voice range. It may be singing a scale or a simple song like Happy Birthday. Most singers start in the lead section (usually singing the melody). You can start in bass, baritone or tenor if it’s more suitable. 
  • When you feel ready, the second audition step is to sing one of our songs (or part of one) in a quartet setting with all four parts singing along with you. This happens in front of the director only. Or the director may use a song everyone is learning together for this audition. You may not even know the audition is happening.
  • After the audition is completed, you may become a member of Newfound Sound!

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